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Keeping your Family Healthy During Isolation.

During these trying times, it’s more important than ever to keep not only our physical health in peak condition, but also our emotional well being. With your family’s health in mind, the Dance Centre will be sending out dance instruction videos to keep dance in your child’s schedule over the coming weeks.

Physical activity is essential to keeping your body’s immune response in peak condition, so that if it is met with a viral infection, it responds appropriately. Dance is a fun way to make sure your child is getting her daily movement requirements. The wide variety of movements in your child’s dance class (spinning, jumping, stretching, kicking, etc) means that your child is getting a whole and complete spectrum of her movement needs met. Parents and siblings can join in on the fun too. Get your exercise alongside your child – we bet you and your child will have a blast!

With all of our lives disrupted by this emergency, it’s easy to let the wheels fall off of our daily schedule. When this happens, our lives feel chaotic, and children in particular can crave a return to the “normalcy” of their routines. By keeping a familiar and cherished activity in your child’s routine, we can try to restore some of the emotional security back into our child’s life.

As we’ve discussed in our three-part series “Dance and Brain Health”, dance not only satisfies the physical need for a wide variety of movement, but it additionally provides unique benefits to the brain. Keep your child’s brain stimulated and active during this break in her formal education by continuing her dance training at home.

We are all in this together, and we will get through this! Keep dancing!

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