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The day I started dance was a day that changed my life forever. Dance helps me physically and
mentally. By saying physically I mean with my posture, with my strength, and with my balance. By
saying mentally I mean it totally relaxes me and if I’m having a bad day I can go to dance and it
always makes me happy. One of my favorite things in dance is the excitement of showing off what I
have worked on at the recital. I get that little bit of butterflies before I go on stage, but then it totally
goes away when I start dancing. Dance has made me more self-confident over the years by dancing
in front of a crowd of people. Dance has made me who I am and I’m proud of it!!!
Posted By: Samantha
My daughter loves dance at the Dance Centre. She has learned that she can do hard things that she
didn't think she could do. Each year it seems that she tries to increase her skill by reaching beyond
what she did the prior year. She has learned cooperation as she has worked with classmates to
prepare for recitals, and dependability: that her classmates are counting on her to be there and do her
best. My daughter has enjoyed the friendship and socialization of fellow dancers that have often been
older than her, but have reached out to her. The teachers have all been so great to encourage the
very best and worked with the specific needs and talents of our daughter.
Thank you so much Dance Centre for all that you do.
Posted By: Margie
My girls have loved dance from the first time they walked into their first class. They both started at
age 2 and now are 12 and 11. My youngest was painfully shy when she was 2 so I thought dance
might help her to come out of her shell. It was awesome how much she opened up! She was never
shy during dance class, she was always so eager to go and learn and she still is. Dance has helped
my daughters become the young ladies they are today. It has given them confidence and a love of
dance that they will always carry with them. I am so very thankful for that!
Posted By: Erin
“It truly is a great group of girls my daughter has made friends with and I think the friendships will be
lasting ones. The girls at The Dance Centre seem to genuinely and sincerely care about each other.
My daughter has always had good confidence but this has even increased it. She loves recital
weekend… it makes for a busy week and weekend but seeing her gleam on stage and the excitement
she has is so worth it. The memories will be everlasting. Thank you for all of your hard work and effort
working to get my daughter to the point she is today. I know that she will continue to grow in her
dance with your help and the help of all of her dance teachers. Thank you.”
Posted By: Cindy
“To the teachers and staff at The Dance Centre, I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much
my daughter’s years at The Dance Centre have meant to her and me. We moved here in October of
2006, my daughter only having about a year and a half of dance prior to our move. Because of this I
had little knowledge of what makes a good dance studio. Looking back on the day that we visited The
Dance Centre the first time, I know it was God leading us to where we needed to be. Michi was very
encouraging to my daughter, and talked directly to her to ask what kinds of dance she had done
previously, and what she liked specifically. She also let her try out a few different classes to see what
she preferred. This in itself was a big step to helping us decide on The Dance Centre. Leslie, and
Michi both over the five years that we have lived here have helped to shape both her personality as
well as her dance skills. I know that of course a dance studio should be good at teaching dance, and
they are very good at that, but the staff and teachers at The Dance Centre and their positive attitude
towards the students’ dance experience is soooo important as well. I appreciate the fact that the
studio’s emphasis is on improving their students technique, and not so much emphasis on
competition. The Dance Centre very quickly became in our life a home away from home for my
daughter. This was in part also because of the staff that work at the reception desk as well as the
teachers. Several other young ladies have now joined the staff as teachers since we have been there,
and I have seen the same positive attitude in them towards the students as well. Truly the girls and
sometimes guys hold a special place in the lives of the staff at The Dance Centre. If you are looking
for a studio where your child will be encouraged to become all they can be as a dancer and also as a
person I highly recommend The Dance Centre. Through the apprentice program my daughter was
able to reach out to girls younger than herself and help to train them as dancers as well. It has been
such a good experience for her to be able to see how being in a position of authority can affect such
young lives. It has also helped her to decide if teaching dance someday might be what she would like
to pursue. I am so grateful to The Dance Centre for giving my daughter a chance to experience this
first hand. It is really hard for me to put into words how grateful I am to all the people at the studio,
both teachers, staff, and students. You all truly have helped to take my very impressionable 11-yearold and
turn her into the young lady of 16 that she is today. I know of course that some things in a
child are their very own personality traits, but I know also that kids model the behavior they see
before them more so than not. Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes this is a bad thing, but
in the case of The Dance Centre I have only seen good things that my daughter had to model, and
trust me I was there a lot to observe. We are going to miss everyone. It is so hard to move and start
over again. My daughter has grown to love and appreciate all the teachers at The Dance Centre. You
all will always hold a very special place in our hearts. I know that she will be able to deal with the
move to Chicago, and whatever that may involve in finding a new dance studio and the challenges
involved in that, because you all have more than prepared her for this as an individual first and as a
dancer. Thank you for helping her to strive to go beyond what she thought she could handle in her
dance skills always with gentle encouragement. This in itself made her strive to put her best foot
forward. I would encourage anyone who wants to take dance whether young or old: give The Dance
Centre a try. You will always be special in the hearts of their staff. Thank you so much for making us
a part of your lives. My daughter is who she is today in part because of you.”
Posted By: Linda
“My girls have been involved in dance for 11 years now. The dance classes provided by The Dance
Centre has built up their self esteem, given them a chance for structured physical activity as well as
self-discipline. The teachers at The Dance Centre treat all students with loving encouragement
instead of harsh demands. It is obvious they want all students to succeed in their dancing as well as
in life”.
Posted By: Jennifer
As a professional in the early childhood education field I know how hard it is to work with young children. It takes creativity, care, and a lot of patience. These characteristics and more I have found in the staff at The Dance Centre. My daughter began attending classes at the age of two and loved every second of it. She could not wait until the next week when she could go back to ballet class. As a professional and a mother I would highly recommend The Dance Centre to any child, their talent and care is outstanding!
Posted By: Michelle
My daughter loves dancing at The Dance Centre!! Ms. Michi was my dance teacher and I had all my classes with Ms. Leslie. I love that she's able to get the same amazing experience I had!!
Posted By: Lindsey
My daughter has danced since she was 2 ½ years old. There are so many benefits other than just the dancing that have made a positive impression on her life. Dance takes more than just rhythm, it takes dedication and hard work. It’s taught her to be responsible and hold herself accountable by being on time to class and being prepared for class. She has learned Teamwork- when recital time comes, she is more than just “one”…she is part of a team. Dance has taught her poise and grace. She has learned how to carry herself with confidence. She has many school friends, but The Dance Centre has given her a core group of friends outside of the school circle, bringing girls from different schools together. She has learned how to take instruction from teachers of dance – and to respect authority….You can learn that from home and school, but it’s awesome that it’s taught at The Dance Centre, too. My daughter knows that getting promoted to a class doesn’t happen just because “mom” says she should be. She has learned to work hard and be mature in order to get promoted. It’s not a given, it’s earned. That will carry her in school and jobs for years to come.
Posted By: Jodi
"The Dance Centre brings all four of my very different girls together on common ground. I love to hear them working with each other on a new dance or laughing as they practice their moves."
Posted By: Mindy

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