Beginning/Intermediate  Jazz

An energetic, fun dance style incorporating both classical jazz, which stresses the sharp, isolated rhythms distinct to the jazz dance form, and beginning age-appropriate hip-hop movements.

  • Twinkle Sparks (Indluded)           Entering Kindergarten 2017
  • Twinkle Stars (Included)              1st  Grade
  • Beginning Jazz/Hip Hop                Age 7 and up
  • Intermediate Jazz/Hip Hop           teacher placement

Combo Classes:

  • Jazz/Hip Hop/Tap 4/5                   teacher placement

Jazz /Hip Hop

Instruction in high energy, popular hip-hop style as well as classical jazz.  Classes teach basic Jazz technique, terminology, and movement quality with an emphasis in proper hip hop execution of isolations, rhythm, and performance skills. All Jazz/Hip Hop instruction is family friendly. No experience necessary for Level 1 classes. Teacher placement for higher levels. Ages 11 & older.

  • Jr. Jazz/Hip Hop 3                      teacher placement
  • Teen Jazz/Hip Hop 5                   teacher placement
  • Int./Adv. Teen Jazz/Hip Hop        teacher placement
  • Adv. Teen Jazz/Hip Hop              teacher placement
  • Adv. Jazz/Hip Hop                      teacher placement



Kids Hip Hop 


 Teen Hip Hop

















Believe in Yourself

Dance Centre Recital

Christmas Charity Performance

December, 2nd 2017

Forsyth Mall Christmas Performance

December, 9th 2017

Dance Centre Recital Dates

June 7th-10th, 2018


We should consider every day lost in which we have not  danced at least once   
                  - Nietzsche

Click below for pictures from our dance recital

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